OTRS CE Version 6.0.37 Released with Easy System Updates

((OTRS)) Community Edition version 6.0.37 has been released today.

One of our primary goals for the development of OTRS CE is making the system more friendly and easier to use, for both end users and for administrators. We have already simplified the installation with the introduction of the Shell Installer, and the next objective was to make the system just as easy to update when a new version is available.

Version 6.0.37 is a major step towards that, because it brings a new method of performing system updates that utilizes the OTRS CE Console program. All you need to do to update your system is download the new version and run a single command which then takes care of everything.

The animation below shows a sample run from our tests:

As with many of the new features that we're working on, please keep in mind that the new update mechanism is under active development and at this moment its use is limited to basic configurations of the system. You should not use it yet if your system has additional packages or custom modifications. Nonetheless, we keep working on it and plan to add support for systems with extra packages in the next release.

The long-term goal with respect to system updates is to implement automatic checks for new releases, and to allow initiating updates from the browser, in the administrator interface.

As always, you will find the new version in the Downloads section.