Delays (but Also Pictures)

If there's one thing that all software projects have in common, it's delays. Our fork of ((OTRS)) Community Edition is no different, it's taking us longer than expected to reach the next planned milestones, so we decided to update our roadmap again and move the release of the refreshed agent interface, as well as the report from our security audit, into early September.

The main reason is that we simply have way more work than we expected building solutions around OTRS CE for our business clients. While this has the positive outcome of growing the user base of the fork, it also means we have less time for the day-to-day development of the core application. To address that, we're working on expanding our team, so hopefully things will improve in the next couple of weeks.

Of course, this doesn't mean we have made no progress on the items on our roadmap. As a teaser, here's a few screenshots showing how the agent interface will look after the refresh (click to enlarge).

Agent dashboard:

Agent dashboard

New phone ticket screen:

New ticket form

Customer users administration screen:

Customer users administration screen

These are still work-in-progress and subject to change, but you get the picture (literally).

And to tease a bit more, we are also working on a few features not included in the roadmap, but ones that we believe will be useful to the users. Watch this space for more information in the next week or two.