((OTRS)) Community Edition

Source Packages

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((OTRS)) Community Edition 6.0.35

RPM Packages

These packages allow you to install ((OTRS)) Community Edition on Red Hat-based Linux distributions. For installation instructions, see documentation.

Package Download Links

For CentOS 7 and RHEL 7.


For CentOS Stream 8, Fedora 35, RHEL 8, and Rocky Linux 8.


For CentOS Stream 9, Fedora 36, RHEL 9, and Rocky Linux 9.

((OTRS)) Community Edition Add-Ons

These add-ons are distributed as OPM packages that can be installed using the Package Manager in the administrative interface of ((OTRS)) Community Edition.

Package Download Links
FAQ 6.0.29

The FAQ/Knowledge Base package.

ITSMConfigurationManagement 6.0.31

The ITSM Configuration Management package.