Updates to Development Roadmap

Our 2021 development roadmap has just been updated to reflect some changes to the original timeline that we decided to make.

Most importantly, we have taken more time to work on fixing the security issues both in the base ((OTRS)) Community Edition system, as well as its popular add-ons (namely, new versions of the FAQ and ITSM Configuration Management packages).

The initial idea was to finish the security audit and then release a new version of the software. However, with a number of security issues discovered during the audit, as well as found in other forked versions, we decided it's more important to roll out the security fixes to users as soon as possible rather than wait until the audit is concluded. The result was the recent 6.0.32 release, which saw the light of day last week.

This doesn't mean we made no progress on the items in the roadmap -- here's a few updates on the items planned for the nearest future:

  • Refreshed agent interface - We are making steady progress on subsequent screens and UI elements of the refreshed interface. The first version to make it into a release is planned for the end of June.
  • Easier installation and update process - This has been split into separate items and so far most of our focus was on the new installation part, putting updates aside for later. We plan to have a working solution that we can show to the community around mid-June. Expect some more information next week!
  • Internal security audit - With most of the research work completed, we are in the process of collecting the findings and putting together a report. Our goal is to publish it in the second half of June.

As always, we are open to any comments and suggestions about our plans.